Do Unto Others as You Would have them Do Unto You!


Always remember the pain and brokenness you endured when you was not at your best and was going through. Remember that feeling when it comes to others when they mess up or are broken so that you will have compassion over them just like you wanted when it was you. Never judge or put down someone for their wrong or sin because they sin differently, we all sin and fall short of the glory. Let’s not be lawyers about our own sin and mistakes but juries and judges to others.Remember where you have came from to remain humble and stay in the place to help them recover. Just offer genuine love for them like Christ has always offered us. Being judged hurts others and pushes them away from church or wanting to be saved because the fear of being judged, talked about, or put down. As people of faith we must treat others with love and compassion. We are called to show love and grace like Christ offers everyone countless of times.  John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. But even when you come across those judgmental beings (because they do exist Christian or Not!!)  speak in and over your own life that when everyone else see your faults God still sees His child that He has purpose for and loves so much. When others say you are not of any good and down for the count GOD says NO that is my child, I love him/her, others may think they are not worth living but I thought he/she was worth dying for! Do not let fears, faults, or judgmental people make you doubt God’s love for you, your destiny, gifts, and dreams.

-signed RKK, one King’s Kid to another


Comparing Kills Us


What hurts and kills a lot of our confidence, witnessing to others, and happiness is comparison. It hurts us when we compare our level 7 to someone else’s level 49. We shouldn’t compare our beginning to someoneelse’s climax point in their lives, this was never God’s intention. It does not matter where you are as long as you keep God first, have a pure heart/motives and stay humble God can use you right where you are with what you have. Just because you do not have a title, a lot of money, or feel as important as someone else does not mean God cannot use you to witness to others and walk in your purpose. No matter if you have reached 3 people and someone else has reached 103, you both are equal in God’s eyes because you both did what He asked of you. For example it is like shopping for yourself you wouldn’t pick the wrong size or an item that fit someone else and not yourself?? It will end up being too big or too small that’s like with your level of anointing, gifting, or purpose God has customized it just for you and He knows exactly how much to bless you with and when to bless you with it. Just because your blessing hasn’t happened how or when you want it to like for someone else doesn’t mean God isn’t working on your behalf. Always remember Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. God has your best interest on His heart always!!  

What is a King’s Kid? Am I Qualified to be a one?

“The Prodigal Son” aka “The Lost Son” aka “King’s Kid” (Luke 15:11-32)


“There’s no place like home”!! I love the parable about the “Prodigal Son” for more than one reason I’m sure we all can relate to this parable in one point of our lives. The youngest son became greedy and wanted his inheritance right then and there. He felt like he knew more than his father. Have you ever been like the prodigal son when it came to your relationship with God? I know I have. Ever had a time when the plan you had for your life does not go right because it is not in line with what God has planned? Or you did not want to surrender to His way? Or something you desire that is apart of His will for you but it is not coming as fast as you think it should? This is basically us saying that we do not trust God’s plan or timing when His way is better than ours. When the prodigal son took his inheritance he wasted and squandered everything he had because he was not really ready for it. He ended up living and eating with the pigs. While in the filth with the pigs he then remember who his father was and who child he was. Just like us we have to realize whose we are and who we belong to which is the Most High, the true and living God, a mighty King! We are King’s Kids!! Even though the prodigal son tried to  come back as a servant of his father because of the mistakes he made his father welcomed him back with open arms. His father gave him the best because he was glad his son was back home. That is how God feel about us when we come back to Him after sinning or  trying to do it our own way. He forgives us and welcomes us back with open arms because He loves us that much even when we or others think we do not deserve it. Kind of like the oldest son when his brother returned he became jealous and upset that his father was doing all this for his brother who he felt wasted his inheritance while he stayed and done right by his dad the whole time. Do not let others or yourself make you feel like you are not deserving of God’s grace, mercy, and love because honestly we all are not worthy but He gives it to us freely anyway. We are all created equally in His image and Jesus died for all of us to be saved by His blood. It’s never too late to come home!!

Matthew 18:2-4 

No matter what age you are you’re never to old to be a King’s Kid.